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Smooth Hair
up to 12 Weeks!

A smoothing system that helps cut down style time, eliminates frizz, smooths the cuticle, and adds shine!
This is your "wash-and-go" option!

You know those TV shows that have girls with the amazing silky smooth shiny hair that you drool over? Yeah, this is how you get that.
Here's how we do it...


For starters, we will cleanse your hair of all impurities/buildup with a relaxing shampoo.


We begin the system by applying the Treatment to small sections of damp hair.


Once the Treatment is applied, sit back relax and enjoy a thorough round brush blow-dry.


When your hair is 100% dry, I will diligently flat iron your hair using very small sections.


You will immediately start noticing a difference in the smooth silky texture of your hair.

We then will rinse your hair and follow with a conditioning mask.


We will then apply the Split End Mender to your ends using a brush and comb.


Once applied, we will finish with a final blow-dry and flat iron to seal it all in.


Enjoy your new smooth, frizz-free hair!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Brazilian Blowout for?

Anyone who has frizzy, damaged, or processed hair.

What results can I expect?

The hair will be left frizz-free and effortlessly manageable... and oh-so shiny!

I have color treated hair, can I still get the Brazilian Blowout?

Absolutely! The Brazilian Blowout will actually enhance your color/highlighted hair, along with improving your hair's health and shine.

How long do the results of the Brazilian Blowout last?

Approximately up to 10-12 weeks. It is a cumulative treatment, so the more you receive it, the longer it will last. 

Will the Brazilian Blowout straighten my hair?

The Brazilian Blowout is a smoothing system, not necessarily a straightening system. If you have wavy hair, the Brazilian Blowout will encourage your hair to lay more naturally straight and appear healthier. If your hair is curly, expect to have your frizz minimized and with an enhanced appearance of wave/curl.

Will my hair lose volume if I do the Brazilian Blowout?

No, the Brazilian Blowout will not result in your hair losing volume. Your hair will maintain your natural volume and will receive great bend and memory when using a blow-dryer or styling iron.

When can I color my hair if I receive a Brazilian Blowout?

You can color your hair anytime prior to receiving a Brazilian Blowout, even on the same day. However, if you want to color your hair after receiving a Brazilian Blowout, you will need to wait 2 weeks.

How long does the Brazilian Blowout appointment take?

The Brazilian Blowout appointment can take up to 4 hours if you have very long thick hair. Otherwise you can plan for 3-3.5 hours of chair time.

Can I wear a ponytail after receiving the Brazilian Blowout?

Yes, immediately after you are free to style your hair just like normal. Feel free to wear you hair up, down, braid or even give it a fresh shampoo. There is no wait time.

Silky, smooth hair is waiting for you
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