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I'm passionate in all things healthy hair!
Specializing in colors, styles, & hand-tied extensions.

I am a Netflix binging enthusiast and iced coffee lover.
Being a busy working mom, who wants to stay modern on a budget, I always have amazing style tips to share.
Oh, and did I mention my love for outdoor adventure?! 

"I love the ecstatic smile on my client's faces as they look into the mirror to see their new look for the first time."

Welcome to Bec Hair Studio! I'm Rebecca Link, but my friends call me Bec. I'm originally from small town Sioux Center, Iowa, but for all of my adult life, I proudly serve the Sioux Falls and nearby communities.

I'm a Wife, Mom, Dog-mom, Business owner and so much more. I understand life gets crazy and the world expects so much from us these days. That's why in my chair, I have no expectations of you. I simply want Bec Hair Studio to be a place where you can look forward to coming. A space where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy that coffee.. or wine (Girl, I've got you!)... And if that means dishing the dirt on your mother-in-law (or soon-to-be mother-in-law), taking a very much needed breather from the kids, or simply just wanting to laugh about the hilarious Tik Tok you recently came across. I'm here for it all.....


I've been in cosmetology since 2008 and routinely travel for continued education (along with teaching continued ed, myself!). I've learned when it comes to your color, extensions, and your daily hair styling: healthy hair truly gives endless opportunities! Which is why it is my passion to deliver your hair goals while keeping your hair in the healthiest state possible. And even better yet - long lasting results, so you can come see me when you WANT to, not because your hair is a hot mess and you feel like you NEED to. 

While most stylists offer a great first visit and solid maintenance thereafter, I see my role as your stylist a bit differently. I believe you should have a good hair day whether it's been 2 days since you've been in the salon or 2 months. It's not uncommon for my clients to still get hair compliments the day before their hair appointments! I want you to feel confident you can achieve good hair days all year round! That's why I strive to always be as transparent as possible. I love sharing all my "stylist secrets" with you so you can always feel informed and educated about your own personal hair and what we are doing every step of the way...

My secret sauce: getting and keeping your hair healthy - so we can achieve all your hair goals!

When I'm not in the salon, I love spending time with my husband and daughter. One of our favorite summer activities is going for long walks around the neighborhood with our Golden Retriever and Pit Bull. Chances are they will all come up in our conversations at some point! I love to travel and go on fun new trips. I feel like I'm always craving a good beach vacation with a mai tai (you know the kind with the little umbrella in the glass!), but we more often end up on a camping mountain adventure searching for bears... seriously ask me about the bears - I have some wild Alaskan stories!

I'm so excited to meet you, and can't wait to have you in my chair.


Feel free to check out my services, and when your ready to book just send me a text message at (712) 441-1066

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