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Because healthy hair is beautiful hair!

Deep Conditioning Treatments condition your hair cuticles and help them lie flat and smooth.
This leaves the hair with a luscious shiny appearance.
In just 10 minutes, it can add Strength, Moisture, and Volume to your strands.

I pride myself in always putting the health of your hair first! 

Don't worry, I want you to achieve all of your hair goals!

But, in doing so, I also want you to have strong, beautiful, healthy hair.

That is why I always recommend doing Deep Conditioning Treatments.

In salon and at home.

In order to ensure your best hair results,

it is essential we build up the health of your hair.


Here are some of the treatments I offer in salon at Bec Hair Studio:

Ultimate Treatment

Feeling dry, brittle, and a little dull?

This option could be right for you.

This completely customizable 3-Step Treatment rejuvenates your hair by adding a combination of power boosters of Strength, Moisture, and Volume 


Relax at the shampoo station as we cleanse your locks of impurities, product buildup, and waxy residue using a specialized Chelating Shampoo.


Renew and refresh as you enjoy a 5 minute hot towel treatment as your hair is customized with boosters of Moisture, Strength, and Volume.


Enjoy the benefits of your new healthy, shiny hair with the final Power Protecter that helps balance out your pH levels.

Emergency Service

Is your hair over-processed, dry, brittle, limp, and what seems to be kind of lifeless? Are you battling breakage and your hair just doesn't seem to grow?

This could be what you are needing.

I describe this treatment as "heart surgery" for the hair. It penetrates into your hair strand and reconstructs it from the inside out.

Filling your hair with all of the good things: strength, moisture, and volume.


Enjoy a traditional shampoo experience before we apply the first part of the Treatment, all at the shampoo station.


Relax under the warm dryer as the Thermal Therapy treatment reconstructs your hair for 10 minutes.


After a rinse of the treatment, the Cream Cure is applied and works to seal in the new healthy hair benefits.

Your new healthy hair is just an appointment away.

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